The History of Holmes Wreckers
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The Holmes 110 was produced from 1931 to 1935. List price was $110.00 – it was priced so the small repair shop could afford to put a truck together on a used chassis. Capacity was rated at 8,000lbs and it used the same gear drive as the 250 / 485.

Although not offering the versatility of the twin boom models it did have the swivel pulley at the boom end that allowed some side pulling for light recovery – unlike some of the competitive units which could only do a straight pull from a fixed pulley.

There was an optional 6 volt electric drive for operators that did not want to hand crank – but I do not imagine you could rely on the 6 volt battery to last for a full recovery. Very few of these have survived and we are fortunate to have a nicely restored example at the Towing Museum.

We are trying to verify production if you know of a 110 model with a serial plate please contact us.

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